Reducing the use of plastics in packaging with cartonboard alternatives

Removing the need for plastic blister shells and solvent adhesives

With the introduction of the plastic packaging tax in April 2022 and general environmental concerns that we face as an industry many companies are looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals used to package their products.

We were asked to design a new way for Cake D├ęcor to house their glitter sprays, going from a blister card pack with plastic formed shell which is then heat treated to adhere the two halves, to a fully glued cartonboard solution.

What we designed gives more space for artwork and keeps their product visible using an aperture, without the need for plastic in the form of an acetate window patch. There is perforation used as tamper evidence on the tuck flaps and when filled the carton has the same footprint as the blister version which means the customer is able to use the same outer boxes for shipping.

This negates the use of plastics in the packaging, no solvents are used for the blister varnish and once it leaves GCP the cartons can simply be packed and shipped rather than having to go through another process to pack and seal.

This is one of many projects we have taken on to reduce the use of plastics in packaging.

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