We work closely with our clients and suppliers to reduce levels of waste and reuse of packaging.


GCP is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner to help protect the environment, and is actively involved in manufacturing products that are recyclable (and in most cases, bio-degradable). Our primary raw material is Carton Board, sourced from mills which adopt a 3:1 re-planting programme and farmed from accredited, managed, sustainable forests. We promote the use of environmentally friendly water-based coatings for skin and blister boards.

GCP believes that all employees, clients and suppliers share a role in our environmental objective.

Our focus is:

  • To increase environmental awareness of all employees and suppliers and encourage them to continuously review and minimise their impact on the environment.
  • To reduce the impact of our actions on the local and wide ranging environment.
  • To aim with our clients and suppliers for the purchasing, packaging and transportation of goods with the least environmental impact
  • To minimise energy usage and encourage the re-use and recycling of materials.
  • To advise and encourage our clients to consider the utilisation of recycled and environmentally friendly materials and processes.