A Focus on…Braille

A must for pharmaceutical packaging

At GCP we understand the importance of safety and accessibility when it comes to packaging and medication. That’s why we’re proud to offer the application of braille to your carton packaging, making important information more accessible.

Braille on packaging helps visually impaired individuals identify their medication and other products quickly, tells them important information about the contents of a product, such as its name, ingredients, dosage instructions, or expiration date. This allows people who are blind or visually impaired to independently identify and use products without relying on sighted assistance, giving them more independence and reducing the risk of confusion or medication errors. This is critical for the safety of individuals as well as companies.

Braille on many forms of carton packaging is required by law and becoming more common place in many countries to ensure compliance with accessibility and safety regulations.

Braille packaging is an excellent example of how businesses can make their products more inclusive and accessible. By incorporating braille into your packaging, you are supporting a drive for inclusivity, and helping to remove barriers for people with visual impairments. Braille packaging is a small but significant step towards a more inclusive and accessible society.

At GCP we’re committed to promoting these values, please contact our sales team to get further information on our carton packaging with braille today and experience the benefits for yourself!