A Focus on…Foiling

…make your packaging stand out

One way to add a premium finish to your printed cartonboard packaging is through the use of foiling, we have many options available, from metallic to solid colours, gloss and matt options. These can be used for your logo to stand out, for text to pop or for elements of your artwork to shine.

Foiling enhances visual appeal, it adds a luxurious and elegant touch to any design, making it stand out and catch the eye. The metallic finish of the foil creates a distinctive look that is difficult to achieve with other printing techniques.

It adds a tactile texture to printed cartons, creating a textured surface that is visually and physically appealing. It can also be incorporated with embossed elements for a further premium feel.

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For any questions regarding foiling capabilities or to discuss an upcoming project get in touch at sales@gcp-uk.co.uk